How to Get Started

Tax Return Preparation

*1040 deposit is $235. If your tax quote is more than $600- 50% deposit is required. Business returns require a 50% deposit.

**Please note that the tax review appointment is intended to review your tax return, make minor adjustments, and finalize the return. If you file Schedule E or C and are deducting business expenses, please ensure that you have completed your bookkeeping in advance. Fill out an organizer or upload an Excel spreadsheet (expenses should be categorized annually). The review appointment is not meant for completing your bookkeeping, as there will not be sufficient time for it.

If you need an expenses checklist tailored to your particular business industry, kindly contact me via chat.

** If you prefer a video recording of your tax return instead, please notify your tax practitioner.

Tax Planning

  • If you are not sure if your question requires a tax planning appointment, please schedule a FREE 15-minute Meet & Greet Call (optional)

  • Schedule a Tax Planning Appointment

  • Pay Tax planning Fee

  • Create a client portal account if you don't have one already.

  • Upload relevant documents (if any) and provide tax planning topics you are interested in before the appointment using a client portal chat.

Tax Resolution/Audit Help

The appointment includes:

  • Reviewing notices

  • Establishing the best course of action to respond to the notices

  • Reviewing transcripts If POA (TIA) are available

  • Evaluation for possible penalty abatements or other tax resolution options

  • Help with an installment agreement (streamlined only)

    Keep in mind, if POAs are required, POA/TIA fees will apply.

Get Started with the IRS Tax Debt Resolution

  • Create a secure portal account, where you can safely upload any correspondence you received from the IRS or state tax authorities, as well as sign your contract, pay the bill or chat with your tax resolution specialist if needed.

  • Sign the contract for discovery engagement and Power of Attorney forms, which allows us to represent you before the tax authorities.

  • Pay the retainer

Bookkeeping Services

If you need a single bookkeeping appointment, please schedule here

Our Secure Client Portal has IOS and Android apps

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The Client Portal facilitates seamless communication with your tax practitioner and simplifies the process of uploading documents.